Now that you’ve popped in we can tell you about what we do here. As voice-over agents, specializing in radio, corporate voice-overs and production – we are an industry partner designed to answer the needs of anyone in any industry needing voice dubbing services.

Not only that - we have recently expanded into the voice-over-video market, supplying our clients with professional marketing videos, induction videos and even company profiles. We're fortunate enough to have an in-house motion graphics animator, which means we have the capacity and know-how for any project.

From now on - Mic Drop Media will act as your media pit-stop, for all things voice and video

About Us

Mic Drop Media has existed since 2019, entering the world as an attempt to serve the radio industry, by providing top quality radio adverts, station imaging and more, in a variety of voices - fully produced. Our founders have deep roots in the South African radio industry, Mic Drop Media came to life to serve that industry.

Since conception - we've identified a few gaps in the market - areas that we believe we can improve and make a difference in. Through connecting with our friends in media, we have been able to offer a huge variety of services, at professional standard, to provide solutions throughout the industry.

Radio Ads, Audiobooks, Corporate Training, Educational Material and a lot more - these are some of the services we've become quite known for. Additionally we offer fully produced and voiced induction videos, marketing videos, company profiles and a lot more.

More About Mic Drop Group

A good voice-over can make all the difference when it comes to different projects. That's why we have chosen to represent artists of all genders, races, languages and accents. We've got just the right mix to serve each and every proudly South African business.

We have produced and recorded numerous audiobooks, highlighted because of the uniquenes of such a project, our attention to detail makes all the difference. We are passionate about "Theatre of the Mind" - we are the voice transporting your readers into mythical worlds, spiritual realms and fictional towns.