We know how important it is to comply with national code and standard, and how time-consuming the management of such processes can be. Our product offers a solution that will streamline your process, saving time and ultimately - money.

Mic Drop Media has an ace up our sleave - an addition that changed the way we do things completely. Through careful collaboration and years worth of friendship, we've teamed up with Boomstomp Motion Graphics, to supply you with a comprehensive solution to your induction video needs.

Where's the ace then...? The world turns in strange ways sometimes, and we're not sure how but Boomstomp Inc. boasts a qualified Health and Safety consultant as part of their team, ensuring absolute accuracy in every product we send out to you, our client.

This partnership has allowed us to offer a turnkey solution to any Health and Safety firm seeking to service their client thoroughly - alternatively we do business directly with the corporation in need of Induction material.

We're not a consultancy firm, by any means - we are an audio-visual solution to a very specific industry. We have chosen to up-skill ourselves in such a way that we can provide excellent service and quality to our clients, we hope you'll soon be one of them.

How does it work then?

  • Request an online quotation through our website - you'll be asked a few important questions, that will help us better understand your business and your requirements.

  • A Mic Drop Media team member will get back to you within 24 hours of submitting your request

  • We'd like meet with you, screen-to-screen, allowing you to fully express your end goal to us, removing the often-confusing communication barrier between us.

  • We'll get to work on creating your induction video, as per your specifications

Mic Drop Media proudly boasts voice-artists available in all of the 11 official languages, spoken in South Africa. You can listen to each of them right here on our website.