Instore radio has undeniable marketing value - keeping your customers informed of everything new within your business. Not only that - nobody wants to shop in silence, right? The team at Mic Drop Media have been involved in the South African radio industry for years - corporate radio is something we've started specializing in.

Having your own radio station can sound like a lot of management and administration - and it can be - but we take care of all that, for you. We playlist music to your specifications, and supply imaging and adverts to your specifications. Essentially, we're going to build your radio station from the ground up.

Here's the process, simplified:

  • We'll arrange a consultation session with you, to establish the exact requirements you have.

  • Based on the information provided, we'll proceed to setting up your platform, playlisting music and producing your unique imaging.

  • Once your station is ready to go live - we'll send you a link for a final check, before rolling out.

Instore radio is applicable not only to large franchises, or corporate companies - but also for smaller businesses. We have solutions that will work for any of our clients and their needs. We also have the capacity to supply instore radio to companies with over 100 branches.

We look forward to getting to know your brand.

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